Camp Info

Each camp will offer a unique learning experience that will enhance summer time and enrich child development. Outdoor activities are varying by seasonal themescheduleprogramWe offer adult supervision from 4 PM to 6 PM for an additional charge of $10/hr

All activities will be hosted weekly inspired on the 4 seasons of the year!


The camper will develop a creative character by artistic expression activities which include; making collages with magazines and construction papers, acrylic paintings, 3D frames, abstract projects, marbling with paper, painted pots, and others.


Convert something old to a new and useful one! Join us for a magical day of imagination and creation. We’ll be using disposable materials to create masks, storage boxes, desk organizers, cd mosaics, plastic bottle containers and bird houses, bottle caps art. Campers will enjoy going green through their art! Campers will become familiar with concepts of reducing, reusing, and recycling while expressing creativity.


Does your kiddo like to create and decorate things? We will develop their creativity to create handicrafts with paper, use different materials to make flowers, bottles and boxes decoration, cards and tags, ornaments, and signs made out of beans!


A day full of wild and crazy experiments awaits! We will discover how things work and interact with one another, we will make experiments, exploring the wilderness, and planting seeds.


Join us in becoming amazing chefs this summer! We will cook up lots of delicious food, snacks, and desserts. Our kitchen will be filled with lot of stuff like cookies decoration, making and decorating cake pops, jell-o designs and pizza making. Come join in on all the cooking fun!


Game On! We are going to stay busy all day playing games! We’re going to do sack races, treasure hunting, table games, obstacle courses, hula hoop games, and a splash zone a waits for you, to refresh at the end!


Let’s play as a team to win! We’ll be playing soccer, basketball,  backyard baseball! The winning team will receive an insignia which could be used to win prizes at the end of the week!